Bharti Dayal is a Madhubani painting artist (National Awardee) from India.

A bridge in turning Madhubani craft into its art form, national award winning artist, Bharti Dayal has transformed this once dying craft into its contemporary art form.​​

Using mediums of newspapers, public platforms and social media, Bharti has invented and single handed by promoted the art forms contemporary and classical themes.​​

Bharti's art has been a token of national pride to various president and prime minister of countries.

From her days as a child in Mithila through all the struggles in redefining and reviving this national art form while raising two children of her own, Bharti continues to be an asset to Indian art and culture.​​

Bharti has devoted a significant portion of her time in training over 1100 youths in this art form for bringing in continual changes in their work to attract new customers  for the first purchase and ensure repeated purchase of Madhubani Paintings by old customers.​​

Through fusion of ancient Madhubani Art Form and Modern Times, Bharti Dayal in her 40 year long voyage has not only revived this Art form but ensured that it gets a significant recognition and distinct positioning among leading art forms of India.​​

Bharti Dayal's works are essentially an amalgamation of the ancient Madhubani art form and modem limes, without deviating from the core features of the Mithila tradition.



Bharti Dayal's exclusives are now being made available through her official website. 

These exclusives are created from the core of my heart, that I would like to share as an artist with everyone. This has been a personal experience, and I hope you love them as much as I loved to create these.

- Bharti​

Please contact Bharti Dayal below if you would like to learn more about how to procure these exclusives.


Soulmate #2


Good Over Evil


Paradise Lost

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